Digital Basin Portal

SGRC Lead Researcher: Suzanne Ector
SGRC Researcher:
Justin Robinson, Ian Dennis
SGRC Coops: Nick Donnelly, Megan Deas, Ezra Buller

Collaborating Agencies:   The Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI)

Funders:  Columbia Basin Trust and The Real Estate Foundation

The Rural Development Institute Digital Basin Portal combines a spatial geoatabase and online interactive mapping system with collaboration tools for identifying, monitoring, and reporting on environmental and community wellbeing within the Canadian Columbia Basin region. The geo-portal provides an information-sharing platform for environmental indicators, research and monitoring projects being undertaken by various groups.  Leveraging a spatial database and collaboration system will play a key role in ensuring that these groups can upload their latest research data, analysis results, planning and mitigation measures into a data warehouse that is accessible to the greater research community, stakeholders, and the public. 

See the portal on the Rural Development Institute's website.