Columbia Basin Watershed Network Groups Geomatics Support by CBT and Selkirk College

Click on a link below to view maps produced for various watershed groups in PDF file format . * Note: PDF files sizes are rather large.

Mark / Mathew Creek (Mark Creek Recovery Program) - 2008

Base Mapping Watershed Features (7.7 MB)

Forestry Development Activity (7.7 MB)

Mining Activity and Site Contamination (1.75 MB)

Joseph / Gold Creek (Joseph Creek Community Action Team) - 2008

Base Mapping Watershed Features (6.8 MB)

Forestry Development Activity ( 7.2 MB)

Mining Activity and Site Contamination (7.1 MB)

Wildlife Values (11.5 MB)

Salmo River (Salmo Streamskeepers Society) - 2009

Salmo River Watershed (1.3 MB)

Watershed Impacts (2 MB)

Slocan Lake (Slocan Lake Stewardship Society) - 2009

Slocan Lake Hydrologic Features (11 MB)

Columbia Wetlands (Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners) - 2009

Columbia Wetlands Active Hydrometric Stations (735 KB)

Jimsmith Lake Watershed (Jimsmith Lake Community Association) - 2010

Jimsmith Lake Watershed Features (2.1 MB)

Angus and East Angus Creek Survey (4.6 MB)

Forest Coverage and Activities (2.9 MB)

Wildlife Values & Non-Sensitive Endangered Plant and Animal Species (709 KB)

Lake Lillian (Toby Benches Society) - 2010

Andreen, Wilmer, & Neave Creek Watershed Features (3.0 MB)

SHIM Mapping of Murphy, Hanna, & Topping Creeks, Rossland BC (Rossland Water Stewardship Task Force) - 2010

SHIM Poster(4.5 MB)

CBT Water Quality Monitoring Map - Nov 18, 2010

WQ Monitoring Map (5.1 MB)

CBT Columbia River Watershed Simple Poster - Fall 2010

A Simple Map Created of the CBT Area (3.4 MB)

Friends of the Lardeau River GIS & Mapping Support Project - Fall 2010

The Lardeau River Watershed (low resolution version) (1.0 MB)

A Simple Map of the Lardeau Watershed (0.5 MB)

Fish Habitat Values Map (1.2 MB)

Wildlife Habitat Values Map (1.2 MB)

A Map of the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Zones(3.2 MB)

Forest Cover Map (1.8 MB)

Forest Activity & General Forest Ownership Map (1.6 MB)

Mining Activity Map (1.9 MB)

Parks and Protected Areas Map (1 MB)

Terrain Stability Map (3.3 MB)

Lardeau River Watershed: High Resolution Orthophotos and 20k Map Grid (0.7 MB)

Ortho-mosaic of the Lower Lardeau River (Low Resolution Version) (0.5 MB)

Ortho-mosaic of the Lower Duncan River (Low Resolution Version) (1.0 MB)