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The Sublime Alpine

Most people are familiar with the expression, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” I would best be described in the reverse, “Can’t see the trees for the forest.” I’m very good at thinking in terms of the general, the overview, the big picture. Not that I’m especially lacking in attention to detail, but I typically find the sum much more interesting than its parts. Thus, my first thesis research question went something like, “What is special about landscapes where people are willing to expend huge effort in order to experience something meaningful?” The unanimous response I received after every enthusiastic delivery of this clearly exciting idea was, “So, ... what are you actually going to map?”

Hunting for Data… Literally

I always thought growing up in a place as wild and adventuresome as British Columbia that there was a significant backing of wild lands management and wildlife conservation. Oddly enough as I got older things just kept getting worse. British Columbia is allegedly infamous for having one of the worst most underfunded wildlife management organizations in all of North America, fortunately with a recent change in provincial government things are slowly getting better but the province is still very far behind.