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Drone Surveying: The Devil in the Details

After completing the ADGIS program at Selkirk College in April 2017, I was fortunate enough to score one of the 5 Co-op positions at the SGRC. Joey Plessis and I were selected to work as a team on the RDCK Parks UAV Project.

The Fine Art of Open Data: A GIS Survival Guide for the Arithmophobic

I began the BGIS program at Selkirk College in September 2016. This was a mid-life choice, being more than ready to develop in a new direction after years working as a library assistant and taking numerous, unfocused undergraduate courses.

Trail Asset Management: What do we have and where is it?

From a management standpoint, it makes good planning sense to know what you have. Increasingly more pressing, however, is the question of where? Where are the things we have?