Object Classification using Spectral Signatures

When I began working for the SGRC, I was given the task of analyzing multi-spectral drone imagery from cutblocks. The objective was to provide Government and industry partners with an accurate means of assessing biomass quantities left behind from logging operations.

These are my wings: Leveraging UAV remote sensing for environmental research

Growing up watching the Jetson’s (re-runs of course, because my grandparents were not even done high school by the time the series was finished its original run) I thought we would be whizzing around the skies in our own personal flying cars by the time I was old enough to drive.

The Hunt for Innovation

Our world today is rapidly changing. From climate fluctuations to the rapid expansion of technology, we are faced with questions on what to do next.

Using GIS to Assist Stewardship Groups in the Columbia Basin

For many, the most loved feature of this area is the abundance of water, whether it be for sustaining life, the beautiful forests and wildlife or the recreational activities that bring us joy. If you live in a rural area, you likely get your water from the creek nearby. With this valuable resource comes many threats, like pollution or degradation from forestry being too close to the water source.

Musings of a Rural Resident

I entered the ADGIS program in the fall of 2018 wide eyed after a 25 year hiatus from formal academic learning. As an expedition river guide for most of my working life, I spent much of my time in the absence of technology (sometimes intentionally). As such, the world of GIS and data analysis has been a significant change in pace and in many ways an entirely new world for me to explore.